My Wife and I Haven’t Spoken In a Week: 9 Things to Do

A week ago, Harry, my client, visited my office and told me, “My wife and I haven’t spoken in a week. We’re both busy with work and the kids, so we didn’t have time to talk. But now it’s been a week, and things are really tense between us. We need to find a way to fix this.”

Here are 9 things you can do in a similar situation. Like most couples, you’ve probably had at least one argument that led to a full-blown silent treatment. 

Husband and wife not talking for days is an ugly phenomenon that can leave you angry, frustrated, and helpless. But there’s good news: there are things you can do to help get your relationship back on track.

my wife and i haven't spoken in a week

My Wife and I Haven’t Spoken In a Week: 9 Things to Do

#1. Talk about what’s going on:

Talking about what’s happening when my wife and I haven’t spoken in a week is essential. We must communicate our needs and expectations and work together to find a resolution. Otherwise, the situation can quickly become unhealthy and even dangerous, like your wife left you but doesn’t want a divorce.

When you don’t talk, it’s easy to assume the worst about each other, leading to resentment and distrust. Not talking also makes it difficult to resolve conflict, which can cause long-term damage to our relationship. By talking openly and honestly, you can maintain a healthy relationship that will withstand the ups and downs of life.

#2. Take a time-out:

Taking time out of the situation and giving yourself space to process your emotions is essential. Taking a break from each other can help you regain your composure, gain perspective on the situation, and come up with more constructive solutions.

Taking a time-out doesn’t mean that you don’t care about each other or the relationship; it just means you need some time to work through your feelings and clear the air. Also, you will understand after taking a break with him whether he chased you.

#3. Try couples counselling:

Couples counselling is an effective way to address communication issues in a marriage. A trained professional can help you understand your needs and expectations, work through conflict in a safe environment, and develop more effective communication skills.

#4. Schedule regular date nights:

Take some time to reconnect with your wife and you by scheduling regular date nights. This is an opportunity for us to get away from the day-to-day tasks of life and focus on our relationship. You can talk, have fun, and be intimate without worrying about home and work responsibilities.

Date nights can help you rekindle the love and passion that you once had, which can make it easier to talk about complex topics like why you and your wife haven’t spoken in a week.

#5. Make an effort to listen:

When discussing more sensitive topics, like why my wife and I haven’t spoken in a week, it’s essential to make an effort to listen. You must be mindful of one another’s feelings and respect each other’s points of view.

It can also help to offer empathy and understanding and ask questions so that you both feel heard and understood. The more we listen and understand, the easier it will be to come up with a solution.

#6. Spend quality time together:

“We haven’t talked in a week after the fight.”

Spending quality time together can help us reconnect and get to know each other better. You can do activities that you both enjoy, like playing board games or walking. You can also talk and share your thoughts, feelings, and ideas without fear of judgment.

Quality time is essential to any healthy relationship, so it’s crucial to ensure that we spend enough time together.

#7. Show each other affection:

Showing love and affection is also essential in a marriage, primarily when the wife and I haven’t spoken in a week. You can show your love by holding hands, exchanging hugs and kisses, or simply spending time together doing something we enjoy.

Being physically intimate is also vital for a strong marriage. Not only does physical intimacy bring you closer together, but it can also help you to understand each other’s feelings and needs better.

#8. Talk about the future:

You must talk about your hopes and dreams for the future. What do you want your lives to look like? What kind of goals and ambitions do you have? You can work together to create a vision for your future that you can get behind.

This will help you stay focused on the bigger picture, making it easier to address any issues or conflicts.

#9. Express gratitude:

Expressing gratitude can help you feel more connected and create a stronger bond between you. You can remind each other of what you appreciate about one another, which will help strengthen our relationship.

Expressing gratitude is also essential in any marriage and can make a big difference when you haven’t spoken to your spouse in a week. It’s easy to show love and appreciation, which can significantly improve our communication.

Haven’t talked to her in over a week, so this is not an issue. You can still talk with her. This video will help you more:

FAQS on My Wife and I Haven’t Spoken In a Week

Is it normal for couples to not talk for a week?

Yes, it is normal for couples to not talk for a week. Depending on the circumstances, this may be a sign that underlying issues in the relationship need to be addressed. Couples must take time to discuss any problems that arise to ensure a healthy and happy relationship.

Communication is vital in any relationship, and discussing any issues or disagreements is essential to come to a resolution.  Additionally, making time for date nights and spending quality time together can help to strengthen the relationship.  Taking steps like these can make a big difference when couples have not spoken for a week.  

What to do when you and your spouse are not talking?

“My wife hasn’t spoken to me in days.”

When you and your spouse are not talking, it can be an incredibly frustrating and isolating experience. However, there are some things that you can do in order to try and improve the situation.

Ensure you are both committed to communication and resolution. If one or both of you has checked out thoroughly, it will be tough to make any progress. Even your spouse could break up with you because you couldn’t commit.

Once you have reaffirmed your commitment, try setting aside some time to talk daily. This can be difficult to do when you’re already not talking, but it’s essential to make an effort.

Avoid getting bogged down in who said what and when. Instead, focus on the bigger picture and express your feelings and needs.

Lastly, be willing to compromise. If you’re both stuck, giving a little to move the conversation forward may be necessary. Following these tips will hopefully get your communication back on track.

Can a marriage survive a lack of communication?

Any relationship depends on communication to thrive, whether a friendship, a working partnership, or a marriage. It can be difficult to mend the situation if there is a communication breakdown. A lack of communication can be devastating in a marriage where two people have committed to spending their lives together.

Without effective communication, resolving arguments and maintaining intimacy can be difficult. Over time, this can lead to resentment and distance. However, even in marriages where communication has broken down, it is possible to rebuild trust and restore closeness.

By consciously listening to each other and sharing openly and honestly, couples can work through their differences and emerge more vital than ever.

What to do when your wife ignores you for days?

When your wife starts ignoring you, it can feel like a cold wind blowing through your relationship. You might wonder what you did wrong or whether she’s still interested in you. If you’re feeling Ignored by your wife, there are a few things you can do to try to improve the situation.

First, try to communicate with her honestly about how you’re feeling. It’s possible she’s not ignoring you but instead trying to give you some space.

If she is ignoring you, try to engage her in shared activities that you both enjoy. This can help to re-establish intimacy and closeness.

Finally, if all else fails, you may need to seek professional help to work through the issues in your relationship. An experienced therapist can help you to communicate more effectively and resolve the underlying issues causing tension in your marriage.

What does it mean when your wife goes silent?

Silence can be golden, but sometimes it can signify something is wrong. If your wife suddenly goes silent, it may be because she is upset about something and needs some time to process her feelings.

Alternatively, she may be trying to avoid an argument. If you’re unsure of the reason, it’s best to ask her directly. If she’s not ready to talk, respect her wishes and give her some space.

Silence can also be a way of showing love and appreciation. Sometimes, words are simply unnecessary. If your wife is contentedly silent, it may mean she feels comfortable and secure in your presence. So don’t always assume that silence is ominous – sometimes, it can simply signify happiness.


If you and your wife are having difficulty communicating, taking action is crucial. These tips can help you to start talking again so that you can begin to resolve your issues. However, if you’re still unable to communicate after trying these tips, it may be time to seek professional help.

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