Ignoring the Father of Your Child: 5 Proper Ways and Effects

You can’t ignore your child’s biological father entirely because they also have rights to the child. You may ask yourself, “What are the effects of ignoring the father of my child?” or “Is ignoring the father of my child a good idea?”

The father should automatically be in the picture when a child is born. Not only does he have rights to his child, but the child has a right to know and is raised by their father. Unfortunately, there are many cases when it comes to ignoring the father of your child. There are right and wrong ways to do it.

In this blog post, I will discuss the proper ways to ignore the father of your child and the effects it can have on you and your child.

ignoring the father of your child

Ignoring the Father of your Child: 5 Proper Ways

#1. Get a restraining order:

If the father of your child is harassing you or making you feel unsafe, you can get a restraining order. A restraining order is a court order that requires the father to stay a certain distance away from you and your child. You can get a restraining order by petitioning your local court.

#2. Change your phone number:

If the father of your child is constantly calling or texting you, changing your phone number may be the best way to ignore him. You can change your phone number by contacting your cell phone provider or by signing up for a new service.

#3. Block his number:

If you don’t want to change your phone number, you can block the father of your child’s number. This will prevent his calls and texts from coming through to your phone. You can block a number on most phones by going into the settings menu and adding it to your blocked list.

#4. Unfriend or block him on social media:

If the father of your child is stalking you on social media, it may be time to unfriend or block him. This will prevent him from seeing any of your posts or messages. You can unfriend or block someone on most social media platforms by going into their profile and selecting the appropriate option.

#5. Move to a new location:

If the father of your child knows where you live, it may be necessary to move to a new location to avoid him. This is especially true if he has been making threatening or violent comments toward you. If you do move, make sure to keep your new address and phone number confidential so that he cannot find you again. You can still move out of the state with your child if you are not divorced.

#6. Get help from law enforcement:

If the father of your child is breaking the law or threatens your safety, it is essential to get help from law enforcement. The police or other law enforcement officers can help you to protect yourself and your child.

As a biological father, he has the full right to seek visitation and custody of your child. On the other hand, you have to protect yourself and your child from any potential harm that he may pose.

So you have to be very careful while ignoring him. Make sure to document all interactions with him, use social media wisely and get help from law enforcement if necessary.

To do this, don’t alienate your child from their father, but create a safe and healthy space for them in your life. This will help to ensure that the child is not exposed to any harm or danger while under your care.

Ignoring the Father of Your Child: 5 Effects on the Child

There are some severe consequences of ignoring your child’s father. I am going to discuss some of them below:

#1. The child may feel abandoned and unloved:

When a parent is not involved in their child’s life, the child may feel abandoned and unloved. This can lead to low self-esteem and relationship issues later on in life. So if you ignore the father of your child, make sure the child still feels loved and supported by their other parent or guardians.

#2. The child may feel guilty:

Ignoring your child’s father may make the child feel guilty, thinking that they did something to deserve being ignored by their parent. This can lead to feelings of worthlessness and a negative self-image.

Further, the child may feel torn between their parents, not knowing how to handle the tension and discomfort of the situation.

#3. The child may have difficulty forming attachments and trusting people:

When a parent is not involved in their child’s life, the child may have difficulty forming attachments and trusting others. This can lead to relationship and interpersonal issues later on in life.

Also, ignoring the father of your child may lead to misunderstandings about relationships and family dynamics for the child.

#4. The child may act out aggressively:

Feeling abandoned and neglected by a parent can lead a child to act out in aggressive or antisocial ways. They may also struggle with anger management and have trouble controlling their emotions.

The other parent or guardians must provide the child with love, support, and proper discipline to counteract these negative behaviours.

#5. The child may have difficulty concentrating and doing well in school:

Feeling neglected and abandoned by a parent can lead the child to struggle to concentrate and do well in school. This can also translate into issues with their career later on in life. The other parent or guardian must provide love, support, and encouragement for the child’s education and future success.

This video might help you to know more about how to ignore your baby daddy:

FAQs on Ignoring the Father of Your Child

How does being ignored affect a child?

Being ignored is one of the most painful things a child can experience. It can make them feel invisible, unimportant, and worthless.

When children are constantly ignored, they may start to believe something is wrong with them. This can lead to low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression.

Being ignored can also damage a child’s social and emotional development. They may have trouble making friends and may become withdrawn and shy.

In severe cases, being ignored can lead to mental health problems in adulthood. Therefore, parents must try to include their children in conversations and activities. By doing so, they can help their children feel loved, valued, and supported.

What is the best way to ignore the child’s father?

My baby father hurt me too much. How can I ignore him?”

One way to ignore the child’s father is to act like he does not exist. This can be done by pretending he is not there or by refusing to talk to him. If the father tries to talk to the child, the best way to ignore him is to walk away or pretend to be busy with something else.

Another way to ignore the child’s father is to make it clear that he is not welcome in the home. This can be done by not inviting him over or by asking him to leave when he does come over.

If the father tries to talk to the child, the best way to ignore him is to tell him that you do not want to talk to him and then walk away. Ignoring the child’s father is best done by clarifying that he is not wanted or needed in your life.

Is ignoring the other parent considered abuse?

While many people think of abuse as an act of physical violence, other forms of abuse can be just as damaging. One of these is emotional abuse, which can occur when one parent repeatedly ignores or dismisses the other parent.

Sometimes, this may be because the parent is simply busy or distracted. However, in other cases, it may be a deliberate effort to hurt or control the other parent.

Regardless of the reason, ignoring a parent is a form of emotional abuse that can have lasting damage. The effects of this type of abuse can include feelings of isolation, abandonment, and worthlessness.

In extreme cases, it can even lead to suicidal thoughts or attempts. If the other parent is ignoring you, reach out for help. Resources are available to help you deal with the situation and protect your well-being.

Can I block my baby daddy?

While blocking your baby daddy on social media may be tempting, you should consider a few things before hitting that button.

First and foremost, if you have any joint custody arrangements in place, blocking him could make it challenging to coordinate pick-ups and drop-offs.

Additionally, if you share social media accounts with your child, blocking him will also prevent your child from seeing any updates or photos he posts.

And finally, if you do decide to block him, be prepared for the possibility that he may try to create a new account to contact you. In the end, whether or not to block your baby daddy is a personal decision that only you can make. However, weigh all the pros and cons before making a decision.

How to make your baby daddy respect you?

Just because you have a baby with someone doesn’t mean they automatically respect you. If your baby daddy doesn’t seem to be respecting you, there are a few things you can do to change that.

First, set boundaries and communicate what you expect from the relationship. If your baby daddy is crossing any lines, be sure to inform him uncertainly that it’s unacceptable.

You should also try to be as self-sufficient as possible so that your baby daddy doesn’t feel like he has to take care of you. Showing that you’re capable and independent will go a long way in earning his respect.

Finally, always be honest with him and stay true to your word. If he knows he can trust you, he’s much more likely to respect you. These tips can make your baby daddy respect you and build a healthier, happier relationship.

When should you ignore your child’s father?

Fathers who don’t care about their children. While it is generally advisable to involve the father in your child’s life, there are some situations where it may be best to distance yourself from him. Protecting your child from him is vital if the father is physically or emotionally abusive.

Additionally, if the father is addicted to drugs or alcohol, he may not be able to provide a stable and safe environment for your child. In these cases, limiting contact with the father may be necessary to protect your child’s safety and well-being.

Similarly, if the father is uninvolved in your child’s life and shows no interest in being a part of their upbringing, it may be best to let him go. Your child deserves a father who is present and invested in their life, not someone who is absent and apathetic.

While it can be challenging to let go of the father figure, it is sometimes best for both you and your child if you do.


Ignoring your child’s father may negatively affect the child’s emotions, relationships, and overall well-being. The other parent or guardians must provide love, support, and stability to mitigate these negative impacts.

However, ignoring the father may be necessary for specific circumstances (such as abuse or toxicity). In any case, establish clear boundaries and prioritise the child’s well-being.

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