How To Speed Up a Divorce: 8 Proven Ways of Quick Divorce

how to speed up a divorce

Regarding divorce, expediting the process can be a pressing necessity, whether due to emotional strain, financial concerns, or the desire to move forward swiftly. Understanding how to navigate the legal landscape efficiently can significantly accelerate divorce proceedings. In this blog post, I’ll explore precisely “how to speed up a divorce” by outlining eight proven strategies … Read more

My Husband is Emotionally Attached to Another Woman: Ways to Get Back

my husband is emotionally attached to another woman

“My husband is emotionally attached to another woman,” my cousin Sophia said. “I feel like I’m losing him. Whenever my husband praises another woman, it makes me feel so low. I don’t know how to get him back.” If you’re in a similar situation, it can be heartbreaking. You might be feeling hurt, angry, insecure, … Read more

Baby’s Father’s Financial Responsibility During Pregnancy

Father's Financial Responsibility During Pregnancy

If you are a separated couple or were never married or weren’t even in a relationship and the biological father of your unborn baby is not living with you, you may be wondering what the unborn baby’s father’s financial responsibility is during pregnancy. Such costs include medical or childbirth healthcare costs. Here is some information … Read more

Ex Girlfriend Contacting New Girlfriend: Reasons and What to Do

ex girlfriend contacting new girlfriend

Ex girlfriend contacting new girlfriend? It can be a confusing and challenging time when your ex-girlfriend starts contacting your new girlfriend. This usually happens when the ex-girlfriend is not over the breakup yet and tries to get back at you by hurting your new relationship. There are several reasons why this might happen, but there … Read more

When Your Ex Ask If You’re Seeing Anyone: Means 12 Things

when your ex ask if you're seeing anyone

What does it mean when your ex ask if you’re seeing anyone? A recent study published in the journal “Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin” found that when an ex-partner asks if you’re dating anyone, they’re trying to determine 12 different things about your life. While it’s usually seen as a benign question, this study shows … Read more

Can I Fire My Divorce Attorney And Represent Myself: 9 Ways

Can I Fire My Divorce Attorney And Represent Myself

When navigating the emotional minefield of divorce, having the proper legal counsel can make a crucial difference. But not all the lawyers are perfect – sometimes, a lawyer-client relationship can turn sour. There might come a time when you question the effectiveness of your representation, asking yourself, “Can I fire my divorce attorney and represent … Read more

14 True Reasons Why Ignoring Your Ex Is Powerful

why ignoring your ex is powerful

“Why ignoring your ex is powerful” might seem harsh, but it holds a lot of truth regarding healing and moving on from a breakup. This isn’t about playing games or trying to hurt someone; it’s about self-care, setting boundaries, and maintaining a sense of self-identity outside of a past relationship. Well, after a breakup, you’re … Read more

Having Too Much Debt To Divorce? Proven Ways to Split

Having Too Much Debt To Divorce

Having too much debt to divorce? Divorce is a complex and emotionally charged process, but when coupled with significant financial obligations, it can become an even more daunting journey. The intertwining of marital assets and debts can create intricate legal and financial considerations that demand careful navigation. If you find yourself in a situation where … Read more

Who Gets The House In A Divorce In Mississippi: 10 Factors

who gets the house in a divorce in mississippi

Divorce proceedings are often fraught with emotional turmoil and difficult decisions, including “Who gets the house?”. Especially in Mississippi, this question doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all answer. It’s determined by several factors, all rooted in the state’s specific laws around marital property distribution. This blog post aims to shed light on these laws and provide a … Read more

Do Divorce Papers Have To Be Notarized? Yes in 9 Easy Ways

do divorce papers have to be notarized

Do divorce papers have to be notarized? When initiating the process of legal separation or divorce, you may encounter a myriad of questions concerning legal procedures and requirements. One common query often arising in such circumstances is whether divorce papers need to be notarized. This article aims to clarify this question, guiding you through the … Read more

My Boyfriend’s Daughter is Ruining Our Relationship: 10 Tips to Deal

My Boyfriend's Daughter is Ruining Our Relationship

My boyfriend’s daughter is ruining our relationship is a difficult situation for you and your partner. This post will discuss ten ways to deal with the situation and salvage your relationship. Always communication is vital in these types of situations. Talk to your partner about how you’re feeling and try to devise a solution that … Read more

Dismissive Avoidant Keeps Coming Back: 12 Real Reasons

dismissive avoidant keeps coming back

“Dismissive avoidant keeps coming back, but why?” Dismissive-avoidant attachment describes an individual who actively works to limit or prevent feelings of closeness with others. If you have a dismissive avoidant attachment, you may not seek out romantic relationships and may even work to avoid them. Now, such behavior is often perplexing to those on the … Read more

My Girlfriend Won’t Let Me See My Child: 6 Proven Things To Do

my girlfriend won't let me see my child

“Pihu, my girlfriend won’t let me see my child.” My neighbor, Jack, recently said, “Pihu and I have been in a relationship for almost six years. Recently we have become parents. But she doesn’t let me see my newborn. I am feeling so helpless and heartbroken about this scenario.” Feeling lost and helpless is understandable … Read more

Narcissist Stopped Paying Child Support: 6 Things You Can Do

narcissist stopped paying child support

Narcissist stopped paying child support? Well, narcissists are notorious for being deadbeats when it comes to child support. They often stop paying without warning, leaving their children and ex-partners high and dry. If you’re in this situation, don’t worry – there are things you can do to protect yourself and your children. In this blog … Read more

My Husband Won’t Set Boundaries with His Mother: 7 Ways to Deal

my husband won't set boundaries with his mother

Last month I met my college friend Susan after a long time, and she told me about her problem with her mother-in-law: “My husband won’t set boundaries with his mother.” Susan further said: “My mother-in-law always tries to interfere in our decision-making, and when my husband resists her, she starts crying or becomes very emotional, … Read more

Girlfriend Doesn’t Miss Me: 10 Ways to Make Her Miss You

girlfriend doesn't miss me

Michele, my friend, was talking to me yesterday. He expressed his sad feelings by saying, “My girlfriend doesn’t miss me.” it’s tough when your girlfriend doesn’t seem to miss you. You’re unsure what you did wrong, but she seems perfectly happy without you. He expressed more: “Tushi is my girlfriend. We have been in a relationship … Read more

Does Sole Custody Terminate Parental Rights: NO for 4 Reasons

does sole custody terminate parental rights

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the issue of sole custody and parental rights. Does sole custody terminate parental rights? Some people believe that if one parent has sole custody, then the other parent’s rights are automatically terminated. No, sole custody does not automatically terminate parental rights.  In fact, there are four reasons why … Read more

Inappropriate Co Parenting While in a Relationship: 10 Ways to Overcome

inappropriate co parenting while in a relationship

Inappropriate co parenting while in a relationship is a challenge for almost all divorced parents. You have moved on with a new relationship, but you can’t abandon your duties as a co-parent. Maintaining a new relationship and co-parenting duties sanctimoniously is a great challenge. You have to navigate through new waters and figure out how … Read more

Rules for Sleeping Arrangements for Non Custodial Parents

Sleeping Arrangements for Non Custodial Parents

Are there any rules for sleeping arrangements for non custodial parents for overnight visitation of the child? If you are a non-custodial parent and have difficulties arranging a separate room for your child’s overnight visitation, this might be a concerning question. Custodial parents also want to know where their child sleeps or whether or not they are … Read more

How to Prevent Parental Alienation: 10 Ways to Stop

How to Prevent Parental Alienation

One of my recently-divorced colleagues called yesterday asking, ‘How to prevent parental alienation?‘ This is a serious problem nowadays, especially for the joint custodial parents. If you also feel like your ex-spouse is trying to alienate your children from you, then there are a few things that you can do to remedy the situation, which … Read more

Does not having a Driver’s License Affect Child Custody?

Does not having a Driver's License Affect Child Custody

The general answer is that it Does not having a Driver’s License Affect Child Custody. Parental rights, such as child custody and visitation rights, are not hampered by not having a driver’s license. Having a suspended or invalid license is not in the child’s best interests. One parent can’t stop the visitation of another parent due … Read more

Non Custodial Parent Moving Out of State – 2 Easy Ways to Deal It

Non Custodial Parent Moving Out of State

A non custodial parent moving out of state is generally allowed without the court’s permission until there is any such prohibition or limitation on the original custody order. On the other hand, as a custodial parent, you may be worried about how this will affect your parenting time, and personal arrangements or the child as … Read more

When is Divorce Mediation not Recommended: In 10 Times

when is divorce mediation not recommended

Divorce mediation can be a helpful way to resolve disagreements and come to a fair agreement. But when is divorce mediation not recommended? There are so many reasonable grounds to refuse mediation. Moreover, in some cases, it is not recommended anyhow. The following are the 10 circumstances when divorce mediation is not recommended so you … Read more

7 Nasty Divorce Deposition Questions You May Face

nasty divorce deposition questions

When you are getting a divorce, you may be asked some very nasty divorce deposition questions by your spouse’s attorney. This is a formal questioning of the parties involved in the case. Answering these questions is very important for divorce decrees and child custody. I will discuss seven of the nastiest questions you may face … Read more

Can My Husband Divorce Me without Me Knowing: 3 Easy Ways

can my husband divorce me without me knowing

If you’re asking yourself, “can my husband divorce me without me knowing,” the answer is, unfortunately, yes. There are three easy ways for your spouse to divorce you without your knowledge. He can file for a no-fault divorce and serve the documents through “service by publication” or by “showing the court about the reasonable effort … Read more

What Happens After Temporary Custody is granted: 6 Things

what happens after temporary custody is granted

What happens after temporary custody is granted? Temporary custody is often granted to one parent when the other parent is unavailable or there is a significant risk that the child will be harmed if left with the other parent. Whatever the case, if you are a parent seeking temporary custody of your child, understand what … Read more