My Husband Never Takes Me Out on Dates: 8 Reasons And Solutions

Are you often whispering, “My husband never takes me out on dates?” Many women, just like our dear friend Bella, find themselves in a similar predicament. Bella, a lively and radiant woman, wondered why the spontaneous, fun-filled outings with her husband, whom she affectionately called ‘Mr. Adventure’ had dwindled. Bella longed for the days when … Read more

My Husband Keeps Repeating Himself: Reasons And Ways to Stop

Have you ever thought: “Gosh, my husband keeps repeating himself…again!”?. As a relationship consultant, I often hear stories from women like you. Take our dear friend, ‘Chatty Charlie’. Charlie is a lovable guy but a classic repeater. His wife, ‘Patient Patty’, came to me one day, exasperated, saying, “My husband keeps repeating himself, and I’m … Read more

My Husband Is Socially Embarrassing: 9 Ways to Stop

As a seasoned relationship consultant, I’ve encountered countless tales of marital discord. Still, one recurring theme that lands on my desk like clockwork is: “My husband is socially embarrassing.” you’re at a social gathering, sipping on your drink, conversing with old friends, when suddenly, out of the corner of your eye, you see ‘Mr. Charming’, … Read more

My Husband Deleted His Browsing History on His Phone: 10 Ways to Trace

Has your partner ever done something that made you tilt your head and say, “Hmm…that’s peculiar”? Well, my dear friend Soniya experienced something similar the other day when she discovered that her husband deleted his browsing history on his phone. I often encounter such scenarios where trust becomes a question mark in a relationship. If … Read more

Why My Husband Looks at Other Females Online

I’ve been privy to countless stories, but today, let’s discuss a concern shared by many— “Why my husband looks at other females online?” our friend ‘Ms. Perplexed’ is sipping her morning coffee, her laptop open before her. She’s noticed a peculiar pattern in her spouse’s behavior that has left her baffled and a bit wounded. … Read more

My Husband Always Defends His Daughter: 8 Reasons And Solutions

I’ve heard many stories that start with, “My husband always defends his daughter.” I’ll call the woman who came to me with this issue ‘Jessi.’ Jessi felt like she was on the outside of an impenetrable bond between her husband, whom we’ll call ‘Robert,’ and his daughter, ‘Sophie.’ Jessi felt unheard, disregarded, and sometimes even … Read more

My Husband Allows His Sister to Disrespect Me: 9 Ways to Stop

Does “my husband allows his sister to disrespect me” sound familiar to you?  I’m Bella, your friendly neighborhood relationship consultant. I’ve heard this statement more times than I’d like, usually from lovely ladies like you, who are caught in the tricky tangle of marital family dynamics. Let’s call one such brave soul ‘Maria.’ Maria, like … Read more

Mother-in-law Acts Like She Is Married To My Husband: 8 Ways to Deal

You’re sipping on your morning coffee, scrolling through your emails, when you notice your husband and your mother-in-law, let’s call her “Martha,” giggling in the corner, sharing in-jokes. You feel a stirring of discomfort as you notice this is not a one-time event. Martha’s interactions with your husband seem to cross the typical mother-son bond. … Read more

Walkaway Husband Syndrome: Know the Symptoms, Reasons, And Healing Ways

In recent years, the phenomenon of Walkaway Husband Syndrome has gained significant attention among relationship experts and psychologists. This term describes a situation where, seemingly out of nowhere, a husband decides to leave the marriage without previously indicating dissatisfaction or discussing problems. The reasons behind such a drastic decision can vary greatly, stemming from unexpressed … Read more

Husband Throwing Things When Angry: 9 Ways to Stop His Anger

You’re having a conversation with your significant other, and suddenly, it escalates. Next thing you know, your beloved ‘Mr. Charming’ transforms into ‘Mr. Hulk,’ the temper flares, and bam! There goes your favorite coffee mug, hurtling across the room. If your husband throws things when angry, it feels all too familiar. My name’s Jane, and … Read more

8 Working Ways to Get Back Him If A Husband Left Wife for Daughter

Dealing with a husband who has left for another woman is a heartbreaking situation, but it becomes even more devastating when that woman is none other than your daughter. You’re likely experiencing this challenging predicament – your “husband left wife for daughter.”  I’ve encountered similar scenarios and have worked to rebuild and restore relationships. Let’s … Read more

Baby’s Father’s Financial Responsibility During Pregnancy

Father's Financial Responsibility During Pregnancy

If you are a separated couple or were never married or weren’t even in a relationship and the biological father of your unborn baby is not living with you, you may be wondering what the unborn baby’s father’s financial responsibility is during pregnancy. Such costs include medical or childbirth healthcare costs. Here is some information … Read more

Does Sole Custody Terminate Parental Rights: NO for 4 Reasons

does sole custody terminate parental rights

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the issue of sole custody and parental rights. Does sole custody terminate parental rights? Some people believe that if one parent has sole custody, then the other parent’s rights are automatically terminated. No, sole custody does not automatically terminate parental rights.  In fact, there are four reasons why … Read more

10 Vital Reasons as to Why Does Divorce Take So Long

Why Does Divorce Take So Long

Why does divorce take so long? If you’re in the middle of a divorce, you’re probably wondering why it’s taking so long. You and your spouse have already decided to split up. So why can’t you just move on with your lives? Unfortunately, divorce is rarely straightforward. In addition to the emotional turmoil of separating … Read more

Dismissive Avoidant Keeps Coming Back: 12 Real Reasons

dismissive avoidant keeps coming back

“Dismissive avoidant keeps coming back, but why?” Dismissive-avoidant attachment describes an individual who actively works to limit or prevent feelings of closeness with others. If you have a dismissive avoidant attachment, you may not seek out romantic relationships and may even work to avoid them. Now, such behavior is often perplexing to those on the … Read more

What to Say to Alienated Child: 8 Things to Say to Get Back the Child

what to say to alienated child

What to say to alienated child? It can be confusing and upsetting when a child becomes alienated from one or both parents. Although every kiddo is unique and therefore requires personalised approaches, some general tips may help rebuild the relationship. In this article, I am going to discuss eight possible things to say to an … Read more

Defamation of Character Child Custody: Can I sue?

defamation of character child custody

What is defamation of character child custody? It is a legal term used to describe when someone makes false statements about another person that damage their reputation. This can be especially harmful in child custody disputes, impacting the judge’s decision-making process. If you have been the victim of defamation of character in a child custody … Read more

Can Custodial Parent Block Phone Calls: Know 4 Real Things

can custodial parent block phone calls

You may wonder to know the legal answer to the question, “can custodial parent block phone calls?” No, they can’t do it unless there is any court order or agreement in place stating otherwise; the custodial parent can not legally block phone calls from the non-custodial parent.  When parents divorce, one of their biggest challenges … Read more

Birth Mother Overstepping Boundaries: 8 Easy Ways to Handle

birth mother overstepping boundaries

Birth mother overstepping boundaries might be an overwhelming situation for the adoptive parents. A birth mother is someone who gives her child up for adoption. When a birth mother oversteps boundaries and begins contacting the adoptee (child) after placement, adoptive parents may feel overwhelmed and unsure how to handle the situation. As an adoptive parent, … Read more

5 Consequences for Denying Visitation without a Court Order

consequences for denying visitation

If you are a non-custodial parent and have been denied visitation rights by the other parent, you should know all the consequences. This article will discuss five of the most severe consequences of denying visitation without a court order. When parents get divorced, visitation is one of the most challenging things to agree on. Sometimes, … Read more

Non Custodial Parent Blocking Communication: 5 Things to Know

non custodial parent blocking communication

Non custodial parent blocking communication is a helpless and frustrating situation for the custodial parent. It can be challenging to keep in touch with your child when their other parent is trying to prevent it. Keep in mind if there is no court order, the non-custodial parent cannot legally stop communication between a child and … Read more

Can a Spouse’s Income Be Included in Child Support Calculations?

can a spouse's income be included in child support

One question that often comes up in family law is, “can a spouse’s income be included in child support calculations?” The answer, unfortunately, is no. To calculate child support payments, the court looks only at the income of the biological parents who are responsible for paying support. This means that if you are considering getting … Read more

Mother Abandons Child With Grandparents: Reasons and Effects

mother abandons child with grandparents

A mother’s love for her child is often spoken about in glowing terms. It is considered one of the world’s most powerful emotions. When a mother abandons child with grandparents, it can have several negative consequences for all involved. Let’s know a story first. Loren, my cousin, abandoned her child with her mother, my aunt. … Read more

Non Custodial Parent Refuses To Communicate With Custodial Parent

non custodial parent refuses to communicate with custodial parent

In many cases, non custodial parent refuses to communicate with custodial parent because they want to punish them for some perceived wrong. It is never easy when one parent stops communicating with the other. This can be especially difficult for custodial parents who are trying to raise children on their own. However, this does nothing … Read more

Reasons to Withhold Visitation: 8 Reasons to Deny Visitation

reasons to withhold visitation

There are many reasons to withhold visitation rights to a non-custodial parent by a custodial parent. Maybe they are not following the court-ordered custody agreement or have been verbally abusive toward your child. And in this article, I will discuss 8 reasons why one parent might choose to withhold visitation from the other parent. Reasons … Read more

What is an Uncontested Divorce: Process, the Pros, and Cons

what is an uncontested divorce

What is an uncontested divorce? An uncontested divorce is one in which the parties have agreed on all issues relating to the divorce, including child custody (if any), division of property, and alimony. Once the parties have reached an agreement, they will submit their settlement agreement to the court for approval. If the court approves … Read more

Inappropriate Co Parenting While in a Relationship: 10 Ways to Overcome

inappropriate co parenting while in a relationship

Inappropriate co parenting while in a relationship is a challenge for almost all divorced parents. You have moved on with a new relationship, but you can’t abandon your duties as a co-parent. Maintaining a new relationship and co-parenting duties sanctimoniously is a great challenge. You have to navigate through new waters and figure out how … Read more

12 Practical Ways on How to Convince Wife for Divorce

How to Convince Wife for Divorce

Divorce is not an easy thing to go through. I never suggest anyone divorce. It can be emotionally and financially draining. But, if nothing goes well with your spouse, you can take your decision as it is your life. One of the most challenging things about divorce is convincing your spouse that it’s time to … Read more

How To Prepare for a Divorce Deposition

How To Prepare for a Divorce Deposition

A divorce deposition is a formal, out-of-court statement made under oath. It’s usually done in front of a court reporter, who will transcribe the proceedings. How To Prepare for a Divorce Deposition Depositions are used to gather information from people who might have relevant information about the case but can’t or don’t want to testify … Read more

What are the Advantages of Mediation as a Conflict Resolution Method

Advantages of Mediation as a Conflict Resolution Method

Mediation is a “client-centred” process in which clients control the outcome. The mediator’s role is to help the clients identify their interests, options and priorities and to facilitate the clients’ communication with each other so they can arrive at a mutually acceptable resolution of their dispute. 10 Advantages of Mediation as a Conflict Resolution Method … Read more

Non Custodial Parent Moving Out of State – 2 Easy Ways to Deal It

Non Custodial Parent Moving Out of State

A non custodial parent moving out of state is generally allowed without the court’s permission until there is any such prohibition or limitation on the original custody order. On the other hand, as a custodial parent, you may be worried about how this will affect your parenting time, and personal arrangements or the child as … Read more

7 Nasty Divorce Deposition Questions You May Face

nasty divorce deposition questions

When you are getting a divorce, you may be asked some very nasty divorce deposition questions by your spouse’s attorney. This is a formal questioning of the parties involved in the case. Answering these questions is very important for divorce decree and child custody. I will discuss seven of the nastiest questions you may face … Read more

Can My Husband Divorce Me without Me Knowing: 3 Easy Ways

can my husband divorce me without me knowing

If you’re asking yourself, “can my husband divorce me without me knowing,” the answer is, unfortunately, yes. There are three easy ways for your spouse to divorce you without your knowledge. He can file for a no-fault divorce and serve the documents through “service by publication” or by “showing the court about reasonable effort to … Read more

What is Reasonable Phone Contact Non Custodial Parent

What is Reasonable Phone Contact Non Custodial Parent

What is reasonable phone contact non custodial parent? How often should this contact take place? The short answer is if there is no provision on the custody order about this, then generally, daily one call is considered reasonable phone contact by the non-custodial parent. Establishing a parenting plan that outlines custody and visitation arrangements in any divorce … Read more