My Husband is Emotionally Attached to Another Woman: Ways to Get Back

my husband is emotionally attached to another woman

“My husband is emotionally attached to another woman,” my cousin Sophia said. “I feel like I’m losing him. Whenever my husband praises another woman, it makes me feel so low. I don’t know how to get him back.” If you’re in a similar situation, it can be heartbreaking. You might be feeling hurt, angry, insecure, … Read more

Baby’s Father’s Financial Responsibility During Pregnancy

Father's Financial Responsibility During Pregnancy

If you are a separated couple or were never married or weren’t even in a relationship and the biological father of your unborn baby is not living with you, you may be wondering what the unborn baby’s father’s financial responsibility is during pregnancy. Such costs include medical or childbirth healthcare costs. Here is some information … Read more

Ex Girlfriend Contacting New Girlfriend: Reasons and What to Do

ex girlfriend contacting new girlfriend

Ex girlfriend contacting new girlfriend? It can be a confusing and challenging time when your ex-girlfriend starts contacting your new girlfriend. This usually happens when the ex-girlfriend is not over the breakup yet and tries to get back at you by hurting your new relationship. There are several reasons why this might happen, but there … Read more

When Your Ex Ask If You’re Seeing Anyone: It Means 12 Things

when your ex ask if you're seeing anyone

What does it mean when your ex ask if you’re seeing anyone? A recent study published in the journal “Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin” found that when an ex-partner asks if you’re dating anyone, they’re trying to determine 12 different things about your life. While it’s usually seen as a benign question, this study shows … Read more

14 True Reasons Why Ignoring Your Ex Is Powerful

why ignoring your ex is powerful

“Why ignoring your ex is powerful” might seem harsh, but it holds a lot of truth regarding healing and moving on from a breakup. This isn’t about playing games or trying to hurt someone; it’s about self-care, setting boundaries, and maintaining a sense of self-identity outside of a past relationship. Well, after a breakup, you’re … Read more

My Boyfriend’s Daughter is Ruining Our Relationship: 10 Tips to Deal

My Boyfriend's Daughter is Ruining Our Relationship

My boyfriend’s daughter is ruining our relationship is a difficult situation for you and your partner. This post will discuss ten ways to deal with the situation and salvage your relationship. Always communication is vital in these types of situations. Talk to your partner about how you’re feeling and try to devise a solution that … Read more

Dismissive Avoidant Keeps Coming Back: 12 Real Reasons

dismissive avoidant keeps coming back

“Dismissive avoidant keeps coming back, but why?” Dismissive-avoidant attachment describes an individual who actively works to limit or prevent feelings of closeness with others. If you have a dismissive avoidant attachment, you may not seek out romantic relationships and may even work to avoid them. Now, such behavior is often perplexing to those on the … Read more

My Husband Won’t Set Boundaries with His Mother: 7 Ways to Deal

my husband won't set boundaries with his mother

Last month I met my college friend Susan after a long time, and she told me about her problem with her mother-in-law: “My husband won’t set boundaries with his mother.” Susan further said: “My mother-in-law always tries to interfere in our decision-making, and when my husband resists her, she starts crying or becomes very emotional, … Read more

Girlfriend Doesn’t Miss Me: 10 Ways to Make Her Miss You

girlfriend doesn't miss me

Michele, my friend, was talking to me yesterday. He expressed his sad feelings by saying, “My girlfriend doesn’t miss me.” it’s tough when your girlfriend doesn’t seem to miss you. You’re unsure what you did wrong, but she seems perfectly happy without you. He expressed more: “Tushi is my girlfriend. We have been in a relationship … Read more