How To Speed Up a Divorce: 8 Proven Ways of Quick Divorce

how to speed up a divorce

Regarding divorce, expediting the process can be a pressing necessity, whether due to emotional strain, financial concerns, or the desire to move forward swiftly. Understanding how to navigate the legal landscape efficiently can significantly accelerate divorce proceedings. In this blog post, I’ll explore precisely “how to speed up a divorce” by outlining eight proven strategies … Read more

Can I Fire My Divorce Attorney And Represent Myself: 9 Ways

Can I Fire My Divorce Attorney And Represent Myself

When navigating the emotional minefield of divorce, having the proper legal counsel can make a crucial difference. But not all the lawyers are perfect – sometimes, a lawyer-client relationship can turn sour. There might come a time when you question the effectiveness of your representation, asking yourself, “Can I fire my divorce attorney and represent … Read more

Having Too Much Debt To Divorce? Proven Ways to Split

Having Too Much Debt To Divorce

Having too much debt to divorce? Divorce is a complex and emotionally charged process, but when coupled with significant financial obligations, it can become an even more daunting journey. The intertwining of marital assets and debts can create intricate legal and financial considerations that demand careful navigation. If you find yourself in a situation where … Read more

Who Gets The House In A Divorce In Mississippi: 10 Factors

who gets the house in a divorce in mississippi

Divorce proceedings are often fraught with emotional turmoil and difficult decisions, including “Who gets the house?”. Especially in Mississippi, this question doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all answer. It’s determined by several factors, all rooted in the state’s specific laws around marital property distribution. This blog post aims to shed light on these laws and provide a … Read more

Do Divorce Papers Have To Be Notarized? Yes in 9 Easy Ways

do divorce papers have to be notarized

Do divorce papers have to be notarized? When initiating the process of legal separation or divorce, you may encounter a myriad of questions concerning legal procedures and requirements. One common query often arising in such circumstances is whether divorce papers need to be notarized. This article aims to clarify this question, guiding you through the … Read more

When is Divorce Mediation not Recommended: In 10 Times

when is divorce mediation not recommended

Divorce mediation can be a helpful way to resolve disagreements and come to a fair agreement. But when is divorce mediation not recommended? There are so many reasonable grounds to refuse mediation. Moreover, in some cases, it is not recommended anyhow. The following are the 10 circumstances when divorce mediation is not recommended so you … Read more

7 Nasty Divorce Deposition Questions You May Face

nasty divorce deposition questions

When you are getting a divorce, you may be asked some very nasty divorce deposition questions by your spouse’s attorney. This is a formal questioning of the parties involved in the case. Answering these questions is very important for divorce decrees and child custody. I will discuss seven of the nastiest questions you may face … Read more

Can My Husband Divorce Me without Me Knowing: 3 Easy Ways

can my husband divorce me without me knowing

If you’re asking yourself, “can my husband divorce me without me knowing,” the answer is, unfortunately, yes. There are three easy ways for your spouse to divorce you without your knowledge. He can file for a no-fault divorce and serve the documents through “service by publication” or by “showing the court about the reasonable effort … Read more

10 Vital Reasons as to Why Does Divorce Take So Long

Why Does Divorce Take So Long

Why does divorce take so long? If you’re in the middle of a divorce, you’re probably wondering why it’s taking so long. You and your spouse have already decided to split up. So why can’t you just move on with your lives? Unfortunately, divorce is rarely straightforward. In addition to the emotional turmoil of separating … Read more