12 Practical Ways on How to Convince Wife for Divorce

Divorce is not an easy thing to go through. I never suggest anyone divorce. It can be emotionally and financially draining. But, if nothing goes well with your spouse, you can take your decision as it is your life.

One of the most challenging things about divorce is convincing your spouse that it’s time to end the marriage. The best way to do this is with patience, understanding, and empathy. Details are below:

How to Convince Wife for Divorce

12 Practical Ways How to Convince Wife for Divorce

However, as you have decided to divorce her, you need some working methods to convince her. Below, I am sharing ten practical ways that you can use to help you get your wife to agree to a separation or divorce

#1. Tell her the truth:

You need to be calm as possible with your wife when discussing the divorce and convince her that it is in the best interest of both of you.

Since women are emotional creatures, using logic doesn’t help get through most times, so you need to persuade her without making her feel wrong, especially if she knows nothing about your guilty part (like having an affair).

You may even suggest that God has brought this upon both of you because he wants better for each of you.

#2. Promise for child support and custody:

Make a good parenting plan after the divorce if you have any children. A strong and believable promise about child support and custody helps women to decide on divorce more quickly.

Oh, be careful. It may be interesting to you, but there are many incidents where the child’s parents claim their babysitter to pay child support though this is totally unethical.

So, share the parenting plan with your wife now. Otherwise, you may suffer Parental Alienation. It may convince her to divorce you.

#3. Stop talking about your memories:

Talking past memories together makes women more emotional. Try to talk about your future together, not the past. This will surely help to stop your wife from leaving you without a divorce.

You can figure out why she is unwilling to divorce you. Valerian Sequeira discussed this matter very creatively here in this video:

#4. Prove your extramarital affiar:

Gather all proofs of your extramarital affair and keep them in a safe place. These pieces of evidence may include digital pictures, emailing chat logs, or any other hard copy proof of your actions.

Show them off all your wife. It works! Even a single Whatsapp chat history may turn your wife to divorce you.

#5. Make your wife feel guilty for ruining your life:

The next step is not only telling her that she should not stay without a good reason but asking her if there is any problem between the two of you that needs to be dealt with sooner than later (like having extramarital affairs or other bad habits).

The point is to avoid making your wife feel guilty unless she knows about it already and has decided against talking about it together. Remember, women act on emotion, so do your best not to make her feel like a victim. Otherwise, she may turn against you.

#6. Make her feel like she’ll have more room without you:

If you’re serious about wanting a divorce after marriage, you need to start working towards making her feel like she’ll have more room to evolve without you holding her back from doing what she wants.

Otherwise, if she feels your presence will hold her back from doing what she needs to do for herself, she’ll never feel like she can trust you. And that’s a critical factor in staying married.

One of the keys to making her feel like she’ll be happier on her own is showing her that while your marriage may have started as something perfect, it doesn’t mean that you both need to stop evolving as a husband and wife after getting married.

#7. Change your behaviour:

Change yourself for the worse. If you’re not trying to take care of yourself physically, then there’s no way you’ll be able to convince your wife to divorce.

If you look terrible, it will be hard for her to want anything other than sticking with someone who gives off an air of strength and stability. I know one person who willingly cheated on now his wife wants a divorce for her husband’s cheating.

#8. Stop prioritizing her weight over everything else:

If you’ve been with someone long enough as a husband, you know that certain things about you can drive her insane. But in most cases, those little things become insignificant once we see all the good aspects of their personality.

Just think back to when you first fell in love with her. This is something that most couples have to figure out at some point. But if you want your wife to divorce, this one tip alone might just help you get what you want.

#9. Make yourself boring to her:

If your marriage has hit a rut and seems boring, she’ll start feeling like getting out would be exciting. Because even if she knows how much fun married life could still be with someone else, without any actual proof, she’ll begin to wonder what life will be like with anyone else, individually.

Withdraw the commitments towards her and do the reckless behaviour. Instead of living through the rough patches, she’ll want to get out.

Because she feels that life will be better elsewhere without you. This means a lot of work for you if you want her to stay away from your life.

#10 Make her contact with other known divorced people:

Show your wife that getting a divorce is not as bad as it seems. Try to arrange for her to meet with other women and men in the same boat as she is.

Try and do it on neutral ground when you can, rather than trying to spring it on her out of the blue at home.

#11 Don’t make her just like a victim:

Try to make her feel like the bad guy in the situation rather than make her see that she is just a victim. This will stop her from trying to get sympathy from other people as well. Whatever you can do, but don’t bad mouth her to anyone. Women don’t like to see themselves as victim of family matters.

#12 Promise to handle the divorce by a mediator:

Get your wife to agree that the divorce will be handled by a mediator rather than a lawyer. So that you don’t have to pay for their services every month, and they will also look after things properly.

This way, you can ask them to step in if there is an issue & they can talk everything through rather than going to court.


Divorce is not usually good, and again saying that I never suggest anyone divorce is also not uncommon in society. Staying with someone you don’t like at all might be the most painful thing in the world.

Better releasing her from your life would be good for both of you. So, if you decide to divorce her and need to convince your wife about it, you may try any of the tips above.

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