Ex husband’s Girlfriend Interfering with Child Custody – 7 Things You Must Know

In this article, I will focus on what to do if you are in a situation where the ex husband’s girlfriend interfering with child custody. This can be a widespread scenario for joint custody situations.

You must know your rights. If she hasn’t done anything yet, then should you be worried about it at all? What are your rights here? Is it worth fighting for?

Ex husband's Girlfriend Interfering with Child Custody

Ex husband’s Girlfriend Interfering with Child Custody – 7 Things You Must Know.

Below are seven things you need to know to handle the situation when your ex-husband’s girlfriend is interfering with child custody:

1. Is my ex-husband’s girlfriend allowed around my kids?

Unfortunately, the legal answer is YES. If nothing is stated about this in the parenting plan or in the court’s visitation order, then your ex-husband’s new girlfriend is allowed around your kids during your ex’s parenting time until your Ex’s girlfriend puts the child in danger.

2. When should you be worried?

If you feel that she is overly influencing your kids, that would be the right time to get worried, and if she is doing anything illegal or abusive around your kids. If you find that she is trying to involve herself in your kids’ lives on purpose, then it is a matter to be worried about.

She has no right to do this. This needs to be stopped immediately; if possible, you should get the help of a child custody attorney. Why am I worried if she hasn’t done anything yet?

Because many joint-custody divorce cases have the ex-wife (and sometimes mother) having most of the year, the ex-husband is getting visitation on holidays and weekends. If she tries to withhold your child from you by insisting on your ex-husband, you should worry about that.

Therefore, she might try to influence them behind you while they are at their father’s home or out with her. I will get a lawyer at this point if you haven’t already because she may just be trying to get on your nerves. There is no guarantee that it won’t escalate into something worse than that.

So, if your ex-husband’s girlfriend controls your child with unnecessary and rude steps, you should be worried about that. She might alienate your child but don’t worry because keeping a child away from the other parent can backfire.

3. Can I control who is around my child?

Yes, you can control by imposing conditions on the parenting plan or if the court imposed any such conditions on the joint custodial order. But if that is not the case, you cannot control who will be around your child when they are with the other parent.

4. Can I solve this problem without going to court?

Yes, you can. Going to court at the very first stage is not a good idea. Instead, you should consider below two steps to control your ex-husband’s girlfriend’s movement around your child:

Talk to your ex-husband’s girlfriend if needed: If you have any contact with her, you should try to talk with her about her interference with your child. She may not even be aware of what is happening. So you should try to give her the benefit of the doubt.

If she realizes that she needs to back off and let the kids have a chance of having a good relationship with their father, then you have succeeded in resolving this without any further action being taken.

Talk to your ex-husband directly: Try to talk things out with your ex-husband as you both are in a co-parenting situation. You should never make an ultimatum of this nature and get in trouble for violating a court order.

But I would at least tell him how you feel about his new girlfriend being around your kids. Perhaps he doesn’t even realize it. You never know what might happen, but at least try to talk things out before you take further steps.

You can watch the below video to learn six pro tips for co-parenting. I hope this will help you to handle this kind of situation.

5. Any concerns about your child’s safety?

You should take immediate action if you have genuine and legitimate concerns about your child’s health or safety due to your ex’s interference.

It doesn’t matter which state you live in, but some laws make it illegal for the ex-husband’s girlfriend to interfere with your child custody or visitation rights (Like if she is doing anything to endanger the kids’ life).

You may go to court with the help of a lawyer to get an urgent Protection from Abuse (PFA) order from your local court. If she commits an act of abuse, you may immediately get a temporary order against her.

You should immediately protect your kids if there is any contact between the ex-husband’s girlfriend and your child or if she has broken any legal laws concerning child custody rights.

You could even go as far as calling the police. If you think that ex new girlfriend is overstepping boundaries, you might also call the police to stop that immediately. If she violated a court order, that is also an offence.

Even she might be considered in contempt of the court. She cannot just go around doing whatever she wants to do whenever you want to do it because someone will have to answer for their actions eventually.

If there is any concern on your part, talk to your lawyer about it. Do not take any unnecessary risks. Because this is your child, we are talking about here.

6. Can you hire a mediator for child custody?

Yes, you can. In fact, it is better to work through a mediator to settle this kind of child custody dispute. They are often experts in this field and can help you resolve problems or issues with your ex-husband’s girlfriend.

But if that doesn’t work, there may be no alternative but to go to court.

7. Can I get a court order to restrict my ex’s new partner be around my child?

Yes, you can ask for a court order to restrict the ex-husband’s new girlfriend from interfering with your child custody. You may ask for a court order against her if you cannot mutually settle the issue. You should talk to a lawyer about this, as it is best to go through the courts when dealing with such vital matters.

A judge may restrict an ex’s new partner from being around the child if they find it is in the child’s best interest. The reason for this is to protect your children from situations that endanger the child’s physical or emotional health or impair the child’s emotional development.

Don’t be so worried about this issue. I know you are a woman, and you know women feel more jealous than men. I know a girl who stopped contacting her boyfriend suddenly without any reason. So, interfering with child custody by the ex-husband’s girlfriend is an ordinary matter. Handle it smoothly.


If your ex-husband’s girlfriend is causing severe problems by interfering with child custody, many different solutions may be available to you. You can talk to her about it first, but if that doesn’t work, a mediator or the courts might help.

Your state laws will determine what type of court order would best suit your needs. If any genuine concern for the safety of your children arises, then take immediate action by calling the police or getting an urgent Protection from Abuse Order against them.

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