I Cheated on My Wife now She Wants a Divorce – 10 Ways to Stop Her

I cheated on my wife now she wants a divorce” – that was an honest confession of one of my friends. He really loves her and wants to try and work things out with her. You also might have cheated on your wife, and now your wife wants a divorce.

You’re not an idiot, so you know that’s not a good look. But it happens to most of us for many reasons. No worries. In this post, I will guide you on how to convince her now.

I Cheated on My Wife now She Wants a Divorce

I Cheated on My Wife now She Wants a Divorce – 10 Ways to Stop Her.

You may feel like nothing will work, but don’t give up! Here are ten ways to stop her.

1. Be honest with yourself

Most men who cheat on their wives do so for the same reasons they did when they married her. The bottom line is that you picked a person like your mother or ex-girlfriend, and if you don’t change your patterns of relating, you will likely pick someone precisely like her sometime in the future.

Be honest about what happened, even if it’s uncomfortable or hard to admit mistakes. I know someone who cheated with his wife and had a baby with another woman. I suggested he admit it honestly. Same to you.

2. Stop contacting another girl immediately

Don’t try to make the same mistake again. This is a crucial time. Focus on convincing your wife instead of searching for another girl for your life partner. As you have done wrong, do your best to save the marriage before it is too late.

Better block her from all social sites, including phone numbers. Delete all messages. You may not know that your Whatsapp chat history might be the reason for your divorce. Keeping in contact with another girl and trying to convince your wife not to divorce will not work.

3. Do some soul searching to find out why this happened

Talk to your mind and try to find out what needs to be done differently for things to get better — not only for your wife but also for you.

Chances are it won’t be comfortable, but honesty with oneself is crucial here. Avoid any mental game such as blaming others or excusing infidelity, because these methods are guaranteed failure strategies.

4. Talk with your wife about what happened

Promise her that it will never happen again and mean it. Be clear about this. Express to her the remorse you feel for hurting her and betraying her trust in you. When we treat people decently, they tend to respond favorably to us.

If she comes back after listening to your sincere apology, work on being a better listener while reinforcing love for each other daily through actions and words. Apologize honestly for that what happened.

You cheated on her because you were not committed to her. So, this is your turn to talk to your wife to rebuild the trust.

5. Don’t beat yourself up for what you did

Because self-loathing is counterproductive and only makes things worse. This will not answer your question: “I cheated on my wife now what.” You don’t seek comfort by running off with another woman (or going down that road). That behaviour tends not to be a big hit with the wife you already have.

For further help, you may let watch your wife the below video so she can know why she should not divorce you even after cheating:

6. Encourage your wife to seek help and support if needed

This is usually an essential ingredient in making a marriage work again after infidelity has occurred. If your wife doesn’t consider doing so on her own, bring the subject up again every time you see her until she either agrees or tells you to stop bugging her about it.

No excuses here, just persistence and consistency. Again, never give up!

7. Get some counselling yourself

This will help you heal from what happened and move forward together instead of ending it for good. This isn’t being weak — it shows strong character and sound judgment on your part.

Counselling won’t be easy, but when you recognize that it’s the only way to meaningfully stop her from wanting a divorce, you realize this is really what you must do. 

8. Make some significant changes in the way you view people and life

So that cheating or other destructive behaviours are no longer possible for you. Get rid of bad friends and find new ones who support positive change rather than enablers of negative behaviour patterns. It might be challenging, but it’s worth the effort again.

9. Be more generous and attentive to her emotional needs

Instead of overthinking, “I cheated on my wife how can I save my marriage” just be more emotional to your wife by being present and listening rather than thinking about yourself all day.

This will be an eye-opener for many guys out there right now, but trust me — actions speak much louder than words! So don’t expect her to feel anything other than resentment at how little you have spent with her lately!

I know a person whose girlfriend suddenly gave him the cold shoulder, though that person didn’t do anything wrong. But, you cheated with your wife here, so you must suffer some things to make everything okay again.

10. Talk to close relatives of both of you

If nothing works, you may talk with both familiar and close relatives. Because if there are any extreme bitter thoughts in your wife’s mind, then relatives can also tone down her mind, and intimate relations can set things to move forward good way.

So talking with them will prove fruitful for you and maybe helpful to solve it out even by proposing divorce soon; otherwise, not.

This reminds me of my ex-girlfriend, whom I cheated on when we were dating. I went directly to talk with her parents before approaching her personally.

Because she had already told me that she doesn’t want a marriage that has been broken before or would be broken again. Simple, I cheated, and she left, but still, I love her.

So without wasting my time, I talked with her parents about whether they would allow their daughter to live in a corrupted marriage. They asked me what had happened, so I explained everything about my affair and how I felt guilty and apologized for what I had done.

After hearing all this, they convinced their daughter to marry me, and still, we are a loving couple. This trick may help you stop your wife from divorcing you for cheating on her.


I know that you might feel like there’s nothing left, but don’t give up! Try your best to follow any of the above tips before giving up. We want you to be successful and make your marriage work.

Remember, if she wants a divorce after cheating, it doesn’t mean that she never loved you or cared about what happened between you. It could have been an act made out of desperation from her side, too – so don’t lose hope yet!

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  1. Cheating is not good for any relationship. I was just near to end of our relationship due to my cheating. Thank God, I realised it.


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