Why Does He Text Me When He Has a Girlfriend: 12 Real Reasons

Do you ever wonder, “why does he text me when he has a girlfriend?” You’re not alone! Many women find themselves in this situation and often wonder what’s happening.

“Ricky is my ex. We broke up around five months ago. Last week I got to know he is been in a new relationship for a couple of months. However, I don’t have any hard feelings for him. He has recently been trying to communicate with me when I think we should keep a distance. Why does he text me when he has a girlfriend?”

This is my colleague Nimi’s story. If you find yourself in a similar situation, here are 13 real reasons why he texts you when he has a girlfriend. Some of these reasons may surprise you!

why does he text me when he has a girlfriend

Why Does He Text Me When He Has a Girlfriend: 12 Real Reasons

#1. Jealous attitude:

If he sees you’re doing well without him, he may text just to check that you still care and haven’t replaced him. On the other hand, it could be his way of making the new girlfriend jealous.

Moreover, you’re not the only one who has mixed feelings after a breakup. Most likely, your ex is feeling bittersweet about the situation as well. In some cases, an ex might want to make their former partner jealous by flaunting their new relationship in front of them.

If this happens to you, it could be a sign that he or she still cares for you deeply and misses what you two had together.

#2. The fear of missing out:

He’s in a relationship but texts me every day.

He could be texting you in fear of missing out on something great if he doesn’t stay in your life, even though he has a girlfriend. Maybe your ex believes that if he keeps in contact with you, he’ll still have a chance to reconnect with you later down the line.

At the same time, if your ex is scared that someone else may take their place or thinks they’re not good enough for you, they might need to check in and stay up-to-date about your life. This could be why he’s texting you even though he has a girlfriend.

#3. Comfort and nostalgia:

Your ex might be reaching out to you because they miss the comfort they felt while in your relationship. He may find himself thinking of good times that you shared together and reach out to reminisce about them.

It’s normal to want to reconnect with an ex after a breakup, especially if both of you have strong feelings for each other. In some cases, it could also be why he texts you when he has a girlfriend: as a way to re-experience the past fondly and peacefully.

#4. He wants attention:

Another common reason why a man might text you when he has a girlfriend is that he is seeking attention from someone outside of the relationship. Sometimes men need external validation that they are attractive and valuable.

He might be looking for your affirmation about why he’s worthy of your affection. He could also feel neglected in his current relationship and want to get some attention from someone else. Therefore, if he texts you when he has a girlfriend, it could be because he’s seeking attention or an ego boost.

#5. He’s bored:

He might also be reaching out to you just because he’s bored and looking for a distraction. If his current relationship could be more stimulating, he may turn to you for entertainment.

Additionally, it could be why he texts you when he has a girlfriend: as an excuse to escape the monotony of his current relationship. A boring relationship can make a person wander, and he might be looking for excitement elsewhere.

#6. He’s lonely:

The other person in your ex’s relationship might be busy with work or out of town for a while, leaving him feeling alone and isolated. In this case, he could text you to alleviate his loneliness.

If he feels emotionally connected to you, even if it’s platonic, he may reach out as a way to be near someone who understands him. He might even have a crush on you, which could explain why he’s texting you while he has a girlfriend.

#7. He is missing old memories:

“He has a girlfriend but wants to be friends.”

Nomrally girls don’t miss their ex. But he might be missing old memories. It’s common for people to reminisce about past relationships and experiences. Your ex could be reaching out to you because he’s looking to relive old memories or experiences that you shared together.

He might feel sentimental and longing for the days when you were a couple, which could be why he texts you even though he has a girlfriend.

#8. He wants to tell you something important:

Your ex may text you even if he has a girlfriend for different reasons. It could be to say something difficult or access information about you he’s unable to get himself. Alternatively, he may text you to communicate without confronting you head-on.

For example: if his current relationship is faltering and he’s considering getting back with you, He might reach out via text first to test the waters and see how You react.

#9. He wants to apologise:

Your ex might be trying to contact you because he feels guilty about something that happened during your relationship. For example, he might want to apologise for how he treated you. It’s possible that the reason why your relationship ended was his fault.

In this case, he may reach out to you via text to express his regret and offer a sincere apology. This could be why he texts you when he has a girlfriend: as an outlet for him to convey his remorse.

#10. He wants to stay friends:

Your ex might be trying to maintain contact with you because he wants to stay friends. He may be reaching out as a sign of respect, especially if you have mutual friends or have known each other for a long time.

Your ex might also feel like you share an unspoken bond and want to keep that connection alive somehow. This could explain why he texts you even though he has a girlfriend.

#11. He wants to know about your condition:

He could text you to check in and see how you’re doing. If he cares about you, he might want to make sure that you are okay and ask if there’s anything he can do to help. Your ex may also still have feelings for you or a lingering curiosity about your life, which could explain why he texts when he has a girlfriend.

However, it is possible that your ex does not want it appears obvious why he is reaching out and instead wants to keep up with your life surreptitiously.

#12. He isn’t happy with his girlfriend:

“He has a GF but still contacts me.”

There’s a chance your ex only reached out because he isn’t content in his current relationship. He might be feeling bored or frustrated and hopes to fill the emotional void he’s experiencing by talking to you- someone familiar and safe. If that’s the case, take a step back and ask yourself why he remains with his current girlfriend.

He has a girlfriend but is still pursuing me? I hope the below discussion will guide you properly:

FAQs on Why Does He Text Me When He Has a Girlfriend

How do you tell if a guy likes you when he has a girlfriend?

It can be tricky to tell if a guy likes you when he has a girlfriend. After all, he’s already spoken for, so why would he bother flirting with you? However, there are a few telltale signs that he may be interested.

For starters, he may go out of his way to talk to you or to find excuses to brush up against you. He might also compliment you more than usual or try to make you laugh.

If you notice any of these behaviours, it’s possible that the guy likes you and is hoping to take things further. Of course, there’s no guarantee that he’ll ever act on his feelings, but it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on him just in case.

Why does he talk to me when he has a girlfriend?

“My ex is communicating with me, but he has a girlfriend now.”

There could be a few reasons why he talks to you even though he has a girlfriend. Maybe he’s not happy in his current relationship and is looking for a way out. Or maybe he feels like he can’t be himself around his girlfriend and wants to talk to you because you make him feel comfortable.

It’s also possible that he’s just trying to be friendly and doesn’t want to make you feel left out. Whatever the reason, respect his relationship and do not try to pursue anything with him. If he’s interested in you, he’ll make a move. Otherwise, it’s best just to remain friends.

How do you win his heart when he has a girlfriend?

“He has a girlfriend should I stop talking to him?”

Yes, you shouldn’t chase this woman. While there’s no guaranteed way to win someone’s heart, there are certain things you can do to improve your chances.

First, try to get to know him better. Find out what he’s interested in and what makes him happy. Then, try to find ways to connect with him on a deeper level.

If he loves spending time outdoors, invite him on a hike or a camping trip. If he’s passionate about a particular cause, ask him about it and see if there are ways you can get involved.

Ultimately, the key is to create a genuine connection with him and show him that you care about the things that matter to him. If he feels a strong connection with you, he may be more likely to reconsider his current relationship.

How do you make him choose you over his girlfriend?

The heart wants what the heart wants, and there’s no use trying to change that. But if your heart is set on making him choose you over his current girlfriend, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances. 

First, try to be the best version of yourself that you can be. Work on being confident, happy, and content in your skin. This will make you more attractive to him, and he may start to see you in a new light. 

Secondly, try not to compare yourself to his girlfriend too much. It’s natural to want to know what she has that you don’t, but constantly comparing yourself will only make you feel worse.

Finally, try to let him see your fun, bubbly side. Let him see that you’re someone who enjoys life and loves to have a good time. If he starts to see you as a more positive person, he may find himself drawn to you more than his current girlfriend.


There are many potential explanations why your ex may be texting you when he has a girlfriend. In any case, why your ex is texting you when he has a girlfriend may not be obvious at first.

Before responding, try to identify why he is reaching out and consider whether or not it is appropriate for you to respond. Remember, it comes down to respecting yourself and setting boundaries in relationships.

If the situation makes you uncomfortable or if it’s causing tension between you, talk to him and have an honest conversation about why he’s reaching out. That way, you can both move forward with clarity and understanding. Good luck!

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