How Does an Alpha Male Pursue a Woman: 12 Proven Tricks

How does an alpha male pursue a woman? This intriguing question has been asked by many, and in this post, I aim to delve into the secrets behind the art of attraction from the alpha male’s perspective. Imagine you’re at a crowded social event and spot a man who effortlessly commands the room’s attention.

His confidence is palpable, his charisma is undeniable, and his intriguing aura draws people towards him – especially the women. You’re left wondering, how does this alpha male, with such a magnetic persona, pursue a woman? Read on, as I unravel the 12 proven tricks behind this captivating process.

how does an alpha male pursue a woman

How Does an Alpha Male Pursue a Woman: 12 Proven Tricks

Who is an alpha Male? An alpha male is someone who exudes self-confidence and radiates his own unique energy, which he puts to use in a variety of situations. He’s focused on his ambitions and goals and is driven by success. His presence is often described as commanding, authoritative, and sometimes irresistible. However, the 12 tricks behind the alpha male’s effective pursuit of a woman are below:

#1. He takes the first move:

An alpha male is confident and takes the initiative. He doesn’t wait for the woman to make the first move. Instead, he takes the lead and expresses his feelings for her respectfully.

Such a man never has a fear of rejection or embarrassment. He knows what to do when she goes cold or how to approach the woman in a way that makes her feel special and appreciated. Also, he ensures that he respects her boundaries and doesn’t force her into anything she isn’t comfortable with.

#2. He takes time to plan:

An alpha male takes the time to plan for pursuing the woman of his dreams. He will think about how and when he will ask her out, where they should go and how to make their time together memorable.

Also, he knows how much effort goes into making a woman feel comfortable and appreciated.

Therefore, he will think about planning special dates or activities that demonstrate to her how significant she is to him. He recognizes it is crucial to value her time and let her know he feels fortunate to have it.

#3. He is patient:

An alpha male is always patient. He understands that it takes time for a woman to develop trust in any relationship, so he doesn’t rush her into anything she isn’t ready for.

Also, an alpha male never forces the issue. Like the laid-back guy, he allows the relationship to develop naturally, without any pressure.

He gives her space and is there for her when she needs him. He is aware that a woman may not always make clear her feelings, so he has the patience to wait things out until she’s ready to express herself openly.

#4. He is honest:

An alpha male is honest and expresses his true emotions. He never tries to appear as someone he’s not, which dishonestly misleads the woman he loves.

He is always honest with her and expresses his emotions openly and vulnerably. He never tries to hide anything from her or makes false promises.

Moreover, an alpha male knows how necessary it is to communicate openly with a woman he loves and when a woman stops talking to a man. He ensures they can talk openly about their emotions and trust each other completely.

#5. He is a controlling guy:

This is one of the most common traits of an alpha male pursuing a woman. An alpha male likes to be in control, making him feel secure and confident. He understands that controlling every scenario and how a woman must esteem his conclusions is crucial.

However, he doesn’t overpower the woman he loves and considers how she feels about each decision. Sometimes, he takes the lead without being too controlling, as this can be suffocating for the woman involved.

He also pays attention to a woman’s reaction when he is in control and ensures that it is always positive.

#5. He makes her feel safe:

An alpha male always makes a woman feel secure and safe. He understands the necessity to be reliable so the woman can trust him completely, like as a laid-back guy. In this sense, he is totally the opposite of a dismissive avoidant who keeps going and coming back.

Also, he makes sure that she feels comfortable in his presence, which can create an even stronger bond between them. Also, an alpha male ensures that she doesn’t have to worry about anything when she’s around him, as this is how a strong relationship can grow stronger.

Alpha Male Pursue a Woman

#6. He listens:

An alpha male listens when a woman speaks. He gets a deeper comprehension of her by studying her talking and emotional expressions.

Also, he knows that her feelings need to be heard and understood for the relationship to develop correctly. Therefore, he knows how to make her feel like she is being heard and how to take in what she has to say.

#7. He is assertive:

An alpha male can remain firm when the situation calls for it. He stands on his ground and is direct when he has something important to say or do. He will mind that even if you don’t accept him on social media.

He also takes charge and leads in any scenario while respecting a woman’s opinion and feelings. He makes beneficial decisions for both of them and is assertive without being rude.

By being firm and direct, an alpha male shows a woman that he loves her enough to take charge and do what is best for their relationship.

#8. He is passionate:

An alpha male is passionate and expresses his feelings with intensity. He expresses his feelings for the woman he loves and doesn’t stop showing it.

He also tries to express his love, demonstrating his devotion to her. Furthermore, a passionate alpha male will make sure she knows how he feels and that she always understands how much he loves her.

#9. He is devoted:

An alpha male is devoted to the woman he loves. He never takes her for granted and shows how much she means to him. He knows if he gives time, you will get back to him.

He cares for her a lot if he often takes the time to do sweet things for her. A real alpha male will demonstrate how much he loves and cherishes his lady through his actions and words.

#10. He is jealous:

An alpha male can become jealous of how other men look at the woman he loves. He would not let anyone else come close to her and would do anything to protect her from harm.

In addition, an alpha male comprehends how crucial it is to be possessive in a relationship and will rein in his jealousy so that it doesn’t become too oppressive. By being attentive, an alpha male demonstrates he cares for her. It is a type of alpha male love language.

#11. He apologizes:

“Do alpha males apologise?”

An alpha male also apologizes for his mistakes. He understands that women appreciate it when he accepts responsibility for his wrongdoings and how doing so can help her move on more rapidly.

On the other hand, an alpha male will never give in too easily, as this can make him seem weak in her eyes. An apology needs to be genuine for it to affect the woman he loves.

To maintain a strong relationship, an alpha male knows when to forgive and forget something that goes wrong. You may consider it as one of the alpha male weakness also.

#12. He lives in the present:

An alpha male lives in the present and makes sure that he enjoys every moment. He does not dwell on the past or worry too much about the future, as this will only lead to unnecessary stress.

Consequently, it is of the utmost importance for him to concentrate on how he can bring her joy and how they can both enjoy and take full advantage of their time together.

An alpha male constantly pursues the woman he loves and works to strengthen their relationship through his actions. You should watch this video to learn more about how an alpha male pursues a woman:

FAQs on How Does an Alpha Male Pursue a Woman

How does an alpha male approach a woman?

An alpha male is a born leader. He’s assertive, confident, and knows what he wants. When approaching women, an alpha male is never afraid to take the lead. He’ll make the first move, whether it’s asking for her number or going in for a kiss. An alpha male is also unafraid of rejection.

He’ll move on to the next if a woman turns him down. He knows that there is plenty of fish in the sea. The alpha male isn’t looking for a long-term relationship. He’s happy playing the field and enjoying the single life. However, if he finds a woman he really clicks with, he’s not afraid of commitment. Some men lose their girlfriends for not committing. In fact, he’ll do whatever it takes to make the relationship work.

What type of woman is an alpha male attracted to?

What type of woman does an alpha male want?

Regarding relationships, an alpha male is typically looking for a woman who is confident, independent, and secure in her own skin. She knows what she wants out of life and is comfortable taking charge when necessary.

At the same time, she isn’t afraid to let her guard down and show her vulnerability. She can be both strong and feminine, and this balance is something that an alpha male finds incredibly attractive. He wants a woman who can challenge him intellectually and keep him on his toes but who also knows how to have a good time and enjoys the simple things in life.

In short, an alpha male is looking for a woman who is the total package: someone who can be his partner in crime and his best friend.

What type of woman is an alpha male attracted to

Will an alpha male pursue a woman with confidence?

It’s often been said that confidence is key to pursuing a partner. But what does that really mean? When it comes to alpha males, confidence takes on a different meaning.

For an alpha male, confidence is about being able to take charge and be in control. It’s about being secure in their identity and not needing validation from others. So, when it comes to being attracted to a confident woman, an alpha male isn’t looking for someone who will stroke their ego or agree with everything they say.

Instead, they’re attracted to a woman who is comfortable in her skin and can stand up for herself. A confident woman exudes strength and independence, two qualities that are sure to attract an alpha male.

How do you know an alpha male likes you?

There are a few telltale signs an alpha male likes you. Such as:

He will likely make eye contact and hold your gaze longer than usual. He may also stand a little taller and square his shoulders when he talks to you.

Additionally, he may find excuses to touch you, whether it’s a light brush on the arm or a more intimate embrace. Another sign that an alpha male is interested in you is if he starts to mirror your body language. For example, if you cross your arms, he may follow suit.

Finally, he may pay you compliments or try to make you laugh. If an alpha male gives you this kind of attention, it’s a good bet he likes you.

What makes alpha males fall in love?

While there are many theories about what makes alpha males fall in love, the truth is that there is no one answer. Every alpha male is different, and what works for one may not work for another. However, a few things tend to make alpha males more open to love.

They tend to be attracted to confident women who know what they want. Alpha males appreciate a challenge, and a woman who is comfortable in her skin is sure to catch their eye.

Alpha males are often drawn to women who are comfortable taking charge. They respect a woman who can handle various situations and isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

Finally, alpha males typically respond well to physical affection. They crave touch and intimacy, and a woman who is comfortable being physically affectionate is likely to win their heart.

Ultimately, the best way to make an alpha male fall in love is simply to be yourself. Be confident, be self-assured, and don’t be afraid to let your true feelings show.

Does an alpha male chase?

A common misconception about alpha males is that they are always on the prowl, looking for new conquests. However, the truth is that alpha males are often just as content with long-term relationships. He knows when he should chase and when he shouldn’t.

While they may enjoy the chase at first, they eventually settle down and focus their energies on their partner. Studies have shown that alpha males are likelier to commit to a relationship and stick with it over the long haul.

So if you’re looking for a lasting relationship, don’t be afraid to pursue an alpha male. He might just surprise you with his loyalty and devotion.

Do alpha males want alpha females?

The term “alpha male” is often used to describe a man who is successful, assertive, and in control. An alpha female is a woman who possesses many of the same qualities. While it might seem logical to assume that alpha males would want to partner with alpha females, this is not always the case.

Some research suggests that alpha males are likelier to be attracted to beta females.

One possible explanation is that beta females tend to be less competitive and more cooperative than their alpha counterparts. This can make them more appealing partners in both personal and professional relationships.

Additionally, beta females often possess other qualities that alpha males find desirable, such as kindness, warmth, and empathy. As a result, while an alpha male might initially be drawn to an alpha female, he may ultimately find more lasting happiness with a female beta partner.

How to make an alpha male chase you?

“How to get an alpha male to chase you?”

One technique for making an alpha male chase you is to create a challenge for him. No one likes things handed over easily; being offered something too quickly will make it less desirable in his eyes. You can do this by playing hard-to-get or challenging him in some way so he feels like he needs to work for your favor or attention. Showing independence and not being overly dependent on him emotionally may also help capture his interest more than sycophantic behavior.

As well as creating a challenge, you should also be confident when dealing with an alpha male- show that you’re secure and don’t need any validation from others. If an alpha male knows that he cannot control or overpower you, it could ignite his own competitive streak, which can drive him towards wanting more of your attention instead of freeing himself from it altogether!

Additionally, ensure that your communication is clear; if there’s something wrong say it rather than bottle up those emotions – acting passive-aggressively will only push the guy away so think before speaking out loud about problems between both parties.

How to annoy an alpha male?

Annoying an alpha male can be tricky as they generally have strong, dominant personalities. However, there are a few strategies that can get under their skin.

Firstly, challenge their authority subtly. Alpha males thrive on the belief that they are leaders, and their ego is often tied to this perception. If you question their opinions or decisions politely but firmly, it can unsettle them.

Secondly, don’t let them dominate conversations. Alpha males are often used to steering conversations. You can throw them off balance by talking about topics they’re unfamiliar with or by confidently expressing your viewpoints.

Lastly, show them that you’re independent and self-reliant. Alpha males often like to feel needed. By demonstrating that you’re capable and independent, you might annoy them by contradicting their self-perception as a protector or guide.

Remember, while these strategies might annoy an alpha male, it’s essential to maintain respect and positive communication. It’s not about instigating conflict but asserting your individuality and space.

You can throw them off balance by talking about topics they’re unfamiliar with or by confidently expressing your viewpoints.


An alpha male is a special character with many qualities that make him unique and attractive. He listens, is assertive, passionate, devoted, jealous in a healthy way, ready to apologize when necessary, and lives in the present.

These qualities help him better understand how to pursue a woman in the right manner and how to strengthen the relationship daily. By implementing these twelve easy ways, an alpha male can become an even better partner and stay devoted to his beloved one. He will remain the alpha he is while also meeting her needs with love and care.

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