He Won’t Stop Pursuing Me: 8 Real Reasons and What to Do

He won’t stop pursuing me, even though I am not interested in him. I don’t know why does he keep pursuing me.” Silvi, my colleague, shared her fear.¬†Even though she removed him from social media, he pursued her over other communication methods.

She said that for the last few days, her neighbor, Pattison, has been following her everywhere she goes. These things make her feel suffocated and feared. Now she wants to know why that guy won’t stop pursuing her and what she should do now.

If you can relate to Silvi’s situation, then read on. Constantly being pursued by someone can be flattering at first, but it quickly becomes overwhelming if you don’t feel the same way. It’s a sign when a guy never gives up on you. So what are some things you can do to get him to back off?

In this blog post, I will discuss the reasons why he might be pursuing you so aggressively and what you can do to make him stop.

he won't stop pursuing me

He Won’t Stop Pursuing Me: 8 Real Reasons

#1. He is desperate for attention:

This can be a sign that he doesn’t get enough attention from his friends or family and is seeking it elsewhere. He probably believes he can make you like him if he persists long enough, but he might not realize how uncomfortable he makes you feel.

Also, he may be looking for validation from you to boost his self-esteem. It’s also possible that he’s bored and seeking amusement.

#2. He is afraid he will never find someone else:

He may have convinced himself that he won’t ever find anyone else, so he’s trying to make it work with you regardless of your feelings. This may come from his insecurity about his worthiness for love.

Further, he could be unsure of what he wants in a relationship and thinks he’ll miss out if he doesn’t pursue you. He himself does not know what to do to get close to his loved ones. I had a scope to handle one case where a girl was talking to a boy regularly though she had a boyfriend. Actually, she loved the 2nd guy but somehow introduced the first guy first.

#3. He thinks he can win you over:

He may think he can wear you down with persistence and eventually win your heart. This is especially likely if he has a history of getting what he wants, no matter the cost. He might not understand why he’s having trouble winning over your heart, and he could be convinced that it’s just a matter of time before he does.

In addition, he may also think he can manipulate you into liking him. He might even believe he can make you dependent on him if he persists long enough.

#4. He has feelings he doesn’t know how to control:

He could be pushing you away because he has strong, uncontrollable feelings for you. He might not understand why he’s so drawn to you and may be frustrated by his inability to make it go away. This is especially likely if he’s never experienced this kind of attraction before.

He could also be trying to move past his feelings for you by pushing them onto you in a way he believes he can control.

#5. He wants to impress you:

He could be trying to impress you with his persistence, he may think he’s being romantic, or he might even believe he can show off how much he loves you. However, he doesn’t understand that this makes you feel uncomfortable and overwhelmed instead of impressed.

In addition, he could be using persistent behavior as a way to make you feel guilty for not reciprocating his feelings. But he doesn’t know that he is yelling at you in this way.

#6. He has low self-esteem:

If he has low self-esteem, pursuing you might make him feel better about himself. This is because getting your attention and approval will give him a temporary boost of confidence.

Also, he might think if he chases you enough, he will eventually get what he wants, and this could be a way for him to prove that he is worthy of love.

#7. He has been rejected before:

It’s possible he was rejected by someone he loved in the past, and he doesn’t want to go through the same experience again. He may think he can make it work with you, even if he knows you don’t feel the same way.

He could also be trying to prove to himself he is capable of being loved, and he thinks he can do this by earning your love.

#8. Someone might appoint him to pursue you:

The person who is constantly following you may have been appointed by someone to do so, such as a friend or relative. They might be using this person as a spy.

Also, he could be working for someone who is trying to get something from you, a rival company could employ him, or your ex-lover could even hire him.

This is especially likely if he’s acting overly persistent and doesn’t seem to take no for an answer. In addition, he might use this to prove himself to others or cement his reputation in certain circles.

He Won’t Stop Pursuing Me: 8 Things You Can Do

How to stop a man from pursuing you? Here are eight things to do-

#1. Talk it out:

If you have a good relationship with the guy, it might be useful to talk to him and explain why he needs to stop pursuing you. Openly communicate how he is making you feel and try to understand where he is coming from.

Be kind but direct in your conversation, and tell him his behavior is unacceptable. He must understand he needs to respect your wishes, and he should stop pursuing you.

#2. Tell him he’s making you uncomfortable:

Tell him he’s making you uncomfortable, and tell him to stop. Make it clear that he is not welcome around you anymore. Be firm and assertive in your communication, so he knows you are serious.

Also, try to reach out to mutual friends if he doesn’t seem to take your request seriously.

#3. Give him the cold shoulder:

One of the best ways to get a guy to stop pursuing you is to give him the cold shoulder. This means you ignore him when he tries to talk to you, don’t respond to his texts or calls, and generally act like he doesn’t exist.

This will send the message that you’re not interested, and hopefully, he’ll get the hint and move on. Moreover, you can try to avoid places he frequents. If he is persistent, you should consider contacting the authorities if he makes you feel unsafe.

#4. Set some ground rules:

If a guy is becoming too clingy or needy, set some ground rules so he knows your boundaries. For example, tell him that you only want to see him once a week or that you need time alone daily.

Further, you can let him know he needs to give you more space and respect your wishes if he wants the relationship to continue.

#5. Spend time with other people:

Another good way to make a guy stop chasing you is to spend time with other people. Hang out with your friends, go on dates, or just have fun without him around.

Furthermore, it might make him jealous, which could be good if he tries to get your attention. This will show him you have a life outside of him, and he will realize he can’t monopolize all your time.

#6. Speak to a therapist:

If he doesn’t stop pursuing you no matter what you do, it might be time to speak to a professional. A therapist can help you figure out why he is behaving the way he is and can help you devise effective strategies to end his advances.

Additionally, they might be able to advise you on how to handle the situation healthily and also help you understand why he’s doing what he’s doing so it won’t happen again.

#7. Reach out to his friends and family:

If he’s not listening to you and won’t stop pursuing you, it might be time to reach out to his friends and family. Ask them to talk some sense into him and tell him that he needs to back off.

Also, they might be able to give you more information about him which could give you a better understanding of his motivations.

#8. Seek help outside:

If he’s still not listening and won’t stop pursuing you, it might be time to seek help from outside. Reach out to the police if he is making you feel unsafe, or contact a lawyer for advice on how to handle the situation legally.

Also, you can reach out to organizations like the National Domestic Violence Hotline for support and advice.

By following these tips, you should be able to make a guy stop pursuing you if he won’t listen to your requests. Be assertive in your communication and stand your ground when it comes to boundaries so he knows he cannot cross them.

There are 13 signs that he is pursuing you. I hope the below discussion will guide you properly:

FAQs on He Won’t Stop Pursuing Me

What does it mean for a man to pursue you?

It means a man is interested in you and actively trying to win your affection. This can include initiating conversations, taking you out on dates, sending gifts or special notes, or even being there when you need someone. It indicates that he is invested in building a relationship with you and wants to make you feel special.

Pursuing someone is a sign of romantic interest, and it’s often a way for two people to get to know each other better. It’s an important part of the dating process and can be beneficial if both parties are willing to work towards creating a lasting relationship.

What does it mean when a guy keeps chasing you?

When a guy keeps chasing you, it could mean he is interested in having a relationship with you. He may want to take things slow and get to know you better before making any commitments or taking things further. It could also indicate that he just wants your attention and is not looking for anything serious.

It’s up to you to decide how to respond if someone is persistently chasing you. If he is making your feel uncomfortable, it may be best to let him know so that he understands where you stand and can respect your boundaries. Trusting your instincts and escaping situations where you don’t feel safe is also essential.

When should you stop pursuing a relationship?

At times, it can be difficult to know when you should stop pursuing a relationship. If your partner is repeatedly unresponsive or unavailable, it’s probably time to move on. Additionally, if the relationship is making you feel unsafe or uncomfortable in any way, it is important to leave the situation as soon as possible.

It is possible that the relationship could still have potential, but it is essential to take a step back and assess the situation. Sometimes ignoring helps to reestablish a broken relationship. If it is clear that the relationship is no longer working for both of you, it’s important to accept this and move on.

Why did he pursue me and then stop?

There could be any number of reasons he suddenly stopped chasing you. It’s possible that they were never really that interested in you, to begin with, and were just passing the time.

They may have met someone else who they were more interested in, or they may have realized that they’re not ready for a relationship. There could also be something going on in their life that’s preventing them from focusing on a relationship, such as a family crisis or a busy work schedule.

If you’re wondering why the person you were interested in suddenly stopped pursuing you, it’s best to ask them directly. They may give you an explanation that helps ease your mind.

Why do men stop pursuing you when you don’t respond?

People who are interested in you usually go out of their way to pursue you. This might involve sending you messages, asking you out on dates, or trying to spend time with you. If you don’t respond to these advances, the other person might eventually give up and move on. There are a few possible explanations for this behavior.

People generally prefer to pursue those who seem interested in them. If you’re not responsive, the other person may assume you’re not interested and decide to focus their attention elsewhere.

Additionally, people often interpret silence as rejection. If you don’t respond to someone’s advances, they may assume that you’re not interested and don’t want to continue the relationship. A man can stop pursuing if he hesitates to choose one girl from two.

Finally, Pursuing someone can be frustrating, and if you don’t respond, the other person may eventually lose interest. Remember that if you’re not interested in someone, you should tell them early on. Otherwise, they might continue to pursue you even though you’re not reciprocating their feelings.

Is he pursuing you slowly because he doesn’t care enough?

If the guy you’re interested in is taking his time getting to know you, it’s natural to wonder if he’s just not that into you. However, there could be other reasons for his slow pace.

Perhaps he’s shy or introverted, and it takes him a little longer to open up. Or maybe he’s been burned in the past and is now cautious about getting too involved too quickly.

Whatever the case, don’t assume that he doesn’t care simply because he’s not moving at lightning speed. Instead, try to get to know him better and see where things go. With a little patience, you may just find that the slow and steady approach is precisely what you’re looking for.


It can feel impossible if the guy you’re not interested in won’t stop pursuing you. However, hold your ground and make sure he understands that he needs to back off. Explain to him calmly and assertively that his behavior is making you uncomfortable, and give specific examples of what boundary he has crossed.

If necessary, reach out to his friends or family for help handling the situation–or even seek outside professional help if things have gotten too dicey or unsafe. Following these steps should get him to leave you alone soon enough. Good luck!

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