Give Her Space and She’ll Come Back: 11 Proven Reasons Why

If you have gone through a breakup, give her space, and she’ll come back. It’s been said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Well, it turns out that this old adage applies to relationships, too. 

She might have a mood swing or other mental condition. Maybe the relationship seems to her a pressure or something else. in this situation, let her go; if she loves you, she’ll return. Here are 11 reasons why space is important for getting your ex-girlfriend back.

give her space and she'll come back

Give Her Space and She’ll Come Back: 11 Reasons Why

#1. She needs time to reflect:

People need time alone to reflect and process their emotions. If she hasn’t had the chance to do that, give her space and give her some time alone so she can come to terms with what happened in the relationship.

Also, give her space to consider what she wants and needs from a relationship. Maybe after some reflection, she will realize that the two of you are meant to be together.

#2. She can miss you during that time:

When you give her space and give her time to herself, she will start to miss you. This is the important part of getting her back because if she misses you enough, then it could be the thing that brings her back into your arms again.

Further, by giving her space, she will have time to miss you and begin to see what it was like when the two of you were together. This timeframe can also allow her to realize how much she values your relationship.

#3. It will give her time to build anticipation:

She can start anticipating a reunion if you give her space and time. This will give her something positive to look forward to and help motivate her direction in life. The time away from you may even allow her to devise a plan of action on how the two of you could get back together again.

Moreover, it lets her get excited about being in a relationship with you again – an emotion that motivates hope and reconciliation.

#4. Allow her to be independent:

She will feel stronger and more confident by giving her space and time to grow independently. This could lead to her making the decision surface again about getting back together with you because she will have a better understanding of the relationship.

Plus, from her perspective, you may become more attractive because she’ll see you in a better light. So, instead of pursuing her, give her time and hope she will return to your life with more romance.

#5. It gives her the time to study your behavior:

Giving her space allows her to take a step back and analyze how you are dealing with the breakup. If she sees that you are taking it well, being understanding, and not pressuring her to get back together, this will give her a good impression of you, and she may decide that getting back together with you is the best option.

Also, if you give her space during the breakup, it shows her that you respect her need to take time and make a decision for herself without interference.

#6. It might be a reaction to her anger:

When women get angry, they tend to give the silent treatment. If your girlfriend has done this and given you the cold shoulder, give her space and be patient. This will give her time to cool down and think things over.

If your partner needs space, give it to her. By giving her the independence she desires, you show that you trust and respect her. Plus, if she’s already upset, some more distance between the two of you might be exactly what she needs to calm down and think clearly.

#7. She will gain a better perspective:

Sometimes when people are in a difficult situation, they need to take time away from their partner to gain perspective. This is especially true if your relationship has been turbulent lately — give her space and give her a chance to get back on track and figure out what she needs.

Also, give her space so she can see things more clearly and allow her to think through what she wants from the relationship.

#8. She will make better decisions:

By giving her space and time, you allow her to think through any decision that needs to be made. This is especially important if she’s feeling confused or stressed about what she should do — give her some breathing room and give her time to process things so that she can come up with a clear and concise decision.

Giving her time to think will also give her a chance to make more informed decisions that reflect her wants and needs. Don’t pressure her to give back the stuff you gave her as a gift. It will create a more negative impression of you.

#9. She needs to take care of herself:

After a breakup, giving your partner some space is vital — nobody wants to feel smothered during such a difficult time. This way, she can focus on taking care of herself without feeling the need to take care of you.

Being apart might also allow her to work through any personal issues so that when (or if) you do get back together, she’ll be in a much better place mentally and emotionally.

#10. She needs to reevaluate her feelings:

Give your partner some time to think about what she wants after the relationship ends. This break will give her time to assess her feelings and whether getting back together is best for her. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to work on any issues that cause trouble in the relationship.

Giving her space to assess her feelings and determine if getting back together is the right move will give her time to make a healthy decision without feeling rushed.

#11. It gives her time to heal:

Finally, give your partner time and space to heal from the breakup. This will allow her to focus on herself and determine what she wants for the future. Also, give her the freedom to make mistakes, grow, and recover without feeling pressure from you.

Giving your partner time and space is an important part of a healthy relationship; it allows both of you room to process emotions and decide what’s next for the two of you in a safe environment.

What are Signs that She Wants to Come Back: 5 Signs She will Come Back to You

How do you know she will come back? Here are five signs that indicate she will come back.

#1. She keeps in touch:

If your ex-girlfriend stays in contact with you, it is a sign that she may be interested in getting back together. Even if the conversations are short and casual, it shows that you still care about each other and are willing to give communication a chance.

Also, if she reaches out to you after a period of silence, it may mean that she’s been thinking about the relationship and is considering giving it another try.

#2. She still has feelings for you:

If your ex-girlfriend still has feelings for you, then it is a likely sign that she will come back. Even if the relationship ended badly or she seemed to give up on it, deep down, she may still care about you and want to give things another chance.

Pay attention to body language and verbal cues to gauge how she truly feels about you. If her behavior towards you is still friendly, then it may be a sign that there are still feelings of attachment. There is a chance that she will not remove you as a follower on social media if she feels you still now.

#3. She brings up the past:

If your ex-girlfriend brings up old memories or conversations from when you were together, it might mean she is considering getting back together. She may also give subtle hints about how things were better in the past or express a desire to give the relationship another go.

If she talks fondly about your relationship memories, it could indicate that she is interested in making things work again. As a part of memorizing the past, she will ask to return her stuff back.

#4. She spends time with you:

If your ex-girlfriend still spends time with you and hangs out, it could signify that she is interested in getting back together. This doesn’t necessarily mean that she wants to rekindle the relationship right away; it might just mean that she enjoys being around you and likes how things were between you.

If she still hangs out with you after the breakup, it could be a sign that there is still some underlying connection and that she may give things another chance.

#5. She asks for advice:

Finally, if your ex-girlfriend is asking for your advice or reaching out to you when she needs help, it might be a sign that she is interested in getting back together. She may need guidance and support as she processes her feelings about the relationship and tries to figure out what to do.

If she is open to seeking your advice, it could be a sign that she still trusts you and that getting back together is possible.

I think you should watch this video to learn more about why she comes back after you give her distance:

FAQs on Give Her Space and She’ll Come Back

What does “giving her space” mean?

“If I leave her alone, will she come back?”

“Giving her space” can mean different things in different situations. It generally means giving the person some time and space to sort out their thoughts and feelings. This can be particularly important after a breakup or a significant life event.

Sometimes, people need time to grieve or to process their emotions before they are ready to talk about them.

Giving someone space can also mean giving them time to themselves without expectations or pressure. This can be an excellent way to show someone that you respect their privacy and are willing to give them the time they need.

Does giving her space mean no contact?

No, not necessarily. It simply means respecting her wishes and not pushing for anything too soon or from a place of neediness. You can still communicate without putting any unspoken strings attached to the relationship.

How to give a girl space without losing her?

“How to give a girl space to miss you?”

Let her go if she loves you; she’ll come back. Giving a girl space without losing her can be tricky. To give her the space she needs while showing that you care, try to give her some time alone while also making sure to keep communication open.

For example, refrain from bombarding her with calls and messages every day. Give her a chance to miss you by creating a little bit of distance between the two of you. This will give her time and space to reflect on the relationship and give her a chance to miss you.

At the same time, make sure to keep communication open, so she knows that you still care about her. Tell her that if she needs anything, you are there for her and are still interested in talking and being part of her life.

Ultimately, give her space without losing her by creating a little bit of distance while also making sure that she knows that you care about her. This will give her the time and space to miss you and give your relationship another chance.

How do you tell if she doesn’t want you back?

One tell-tale sign that a woman doesn’t want you back is if she’s not trying to stay in contact with you or respond to your messages. If you find yourself constantly reaching out and never receiving a response, likely, she does not want to rekindle the relationship.

Additionally, if she has made it known that she is not interested in getting back together, then it’s a safe bet to assume that she isn’t interested. If you are still unsure, the best way to find out if she genuinely doesn’t want you back is to ask her directly.


To maintain a healthy partnership, provide your partner with time and space. This gives you room to mull over emotions and develop plans together.

Observe her body language and listen closely to what she says to see if your ex-girlfriend still has feelings for you. If she keeps in touch with you after the breakup, asks for advice, or seems nostalgic about past experiences shared between the two of you, then there is potential that things could work out again romantically between the both of you.

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